Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Bio: Compassionate man that is a linguist, a lawyer, openly gay, Brit-Dane, and a supporter of Hygge and the Scandinavian Approach to Society. Single, yet willing to change that for the right man. I am very loyal to my family of friends, and I prefer to use my gifts to further a better World. In November 2007 I was struck down by one of the World's rarest disabilities called Chorea-acanthocytosis ( http://www.naadvocacy.org/what-na ) but prefer to focus on what is far more important than this challenge. I refuse to believe that my genetic flaw, passed down by my great-grandfather, limits my ability to love and be loved. I rise above it, and hope one day that someone will see who I am and how I am far more interesting than just a man that has some limitations and a lot of pain. I'm just a good guy that like good guys, and wants to meet one that looks beyond the perception of who I am. There's far more to this book than the cover.ll

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